What To Do When Your Love One Passes Away

What To Do When Your Love One Passes AWAY. (IN THE HOSPITAL)

Muslim Casket Singapore Mohamed Ali

(Do take note that I am not an Ustad Or Scholar.  This is and informative blog based on my own experiences and studies.)

Assalamualaikum wbt

Starting my journey as a blogger. Actually this is more of an informative resource for those who still have many questions about Muslim Casket Services.

A short introduction of myself, my name is Mohamed Ali, and I have been serving the Muslim community in Singapore with Muslim Casket Services since I began my journey in 2007. The decision I made to enter this line, which many people shun, was made overnight.

One evening, I had received a call that my uncle had passed on at home. I rushed down to his house immediately and was one of the first few to arrive at his place. When I reached, I saw my aunt, his wife, crying and at a loss. Though similarly unsure, I knew she needed my help to do the necessary arrangements. I made a few calls to people I know, before being redirected by a friend to contact a Muslim Casket Services Company. It was at that very moment that I realized my calling. I wanted to be there to support my community when this kind of situation arises; I wanted to be prepared to handle the crisis swiftly, and ease the calamity of the family experiencing the loss of a loved one.

I enrolled for “Khusus Jenazah” and started my very own Muslim Casket Company. with the help from Masjid Al-Amin

As a Muslim Funeral Director, having been in this line for nearly 13 years, I have experienced several instances where family members are in a loss, unsure of what to do when someone close suddenly passes away. And that's when I and others like me, come into the picture.

Actually, the initial process is very simple and a must-know for everyone as death can happen at anytime and any place. It isn’t necessary for a person to be ill or of old age to get ready for death.

I will have this listed to make it easier for readers understanding.

Death In The Hospital (with history of illness)

This is a very straightforward scenario where the doctors and nurses will advice you on the following.

  1. If Arwah had been hospitalized and has a history of illness, the hospital will allow the Jenazah to be brought back by the family. The family will be required to call a Muslim Casket Company to retrieve the body.
  2. The nurses will do some cleaning before pushing the Jenazah down to the mortuary for us, the Muslim Casket Company, to claim on behalf of the family. In this case, the Death Certificate will be issued by the hospital.
  3. Family members can decide to bring the Jenazah back home or straight to the Pusara Aman mosque to shower the Jenazah, depending on the burial time.  There is a cut off time from NEA for registration of burial at 4.30pm

Death in A&E or in the Ambulance

If someone passes away in the above said places, the procedure is slightly different.

  1. Duty Doctor will advice you that the Jenazah has to be transferred to the Singapore General Hospital for further investigation. This is in accordance to the Singapore law. (If the death occured at any other hospital, the hospital will arrange for the body to be transferred to SGH for further investigation. If the death occured in SGH itself, then the body will be pushed to the mortuary for further investigation.)
  2. Immediately call Nuruddin Muslim Casket Services.
  3. Nuruddin Muslim Casket services staff, will meet the family members at SGH to assist with the follow-up procedures.
  4. Family members must arrive at the SGH Mortuary Block 9 the next morning before 10am and register at the counter. The police IO will call your name in sequence. The IO will ascertain if a post mortem is required. If Arwah had past history of illness, it would be advisable to bring along his/her medications and records to show the IO.
  5. If no post mortem needed, the IO will allow family members to collect the Jenazah. If post mortem is needed, then Jenazah will be released thereafter at about 12.00pm.
  6. From there, Nuruddin Muslim Casket service we assist to bring the Jenzah back home or to Pusara Aman Mosque.

Do catch up on my next blog where I will be writing about "When Deatch Occurs At Home".  Till then stay safe and do remember me in your Doa.

Mohamed Ali Bin Mohamed Hassan

Muslim Casket Funeral Director

9427 6919


Jazakallah Khair

Asraf Amin Muslim Casket Singapore
Nasir Muslim Casket Singapore

2 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Love One Passes Away”

  1. Assalammualaikum Encik Mohd Ali,

    Saya ingin bertanya untuk belajar pengetahuan, jikalau ada kematian antara keluarga terdekat, haruskah saya telepon Ambulan/Polis dan juga Nuruddin Muslim Casket service untuk datang ke rumah serentak untuk mengesahkan kematian?

    Haruskah kita bayar dulu sebelum uruskan jenazah, ataupun selepas selesai dikebumikan semua? Boleh tak kongsi berapa jumlah hendak kita sediakan untuk khidmat jenazah dan boleh kah kita bayar ansuran jikalau tidak cukup hendak bayar penuh?

    Terima kasih.

    1. Walaikumsalam wbt.

      Bila ada kematian di rumah, yang penting, kita call ambulans dulu. Ambulans harus mengesahkan kematian dahulu menggunakan alat periksa mereka. Kadang kala, waris tak dapat dengar heartbeat tetapi bila ambulans sampai, mereka masih dapat revive pesakit.

      Selepas disahkan mati oleh Paramedic, kemudian boleh menghubungi Polis dan juga kami. Kami akan menghantar doctor ke sana untuk mengesahkan sebab kematian.

      Tentang bayaran, kami selalu collect selepas segala urusan diselesaikan. Jika waris ada keberatan atau dari keluarga yang susah, jangan bimbang. Boleh bayar dengan ansuran. Dan kami boleh juga tolong mencarikan bantuan dari badan2 Islam di Singapura.

      Di blog saya yang akan datang, saya akan menulis tentang Khairat Kematian.

      Jazakallah Khairan

      Mohamed Ali
      9427 6919 / 8855 2121

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