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Kami Menguruskan Jenazah Dari Rumah Dan Hospital. Doktor Untuk Mengesahkan Kematian Dirumah. Package Penuh. Harga Berpatutan Dan Tukang Mandi Yang Berpengalaman.

Singapore Muslim Funeral Services. Doctor To Certify Death At Home. Call Our 24Hrs Hotline For Any Assistance.

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Pengurusan Jenazah 24 Jam Dalam Dan Luar Negeri

  • Pakej Lengkap Kami Termasuk Amik Jenazah Dari Hospital
  • Menyediakan Doctor Datang Ke Rumah Untuk Mengesahkan Kematian
  • Mandi Dan Kafan Kan Jenazah
  • Perkakas dan Kain Kafan
  • Bus Besar Disediakan
  • Tempahan Dapur2

Singapore Muslim Casket

24Hrs P.K.K.S Muslim Casket Services For Local And Foreigners

  • Our Complete Package Includes Transferring Jenazah From Hospital To Home.
  • Doctor To Certify Death If It Happens At Home.
  • Bath And Shroud Of Jenazah
  • Perkakas For The Washing Of Body
  • 49 Seater Big Buses
  • Dapur2 For The Graves Of You Loved Ones.


Tempahan Dapur-Dapur

Tidak perlu pergi ke kubur untuk tempahan. Boleh order cara online atau hubungi kami dan kami akan kunjungi rumah waris.

What To Do When Your Love Ones Passes Away? Urusan Jenazah P.K.K.S Muslim Casket Services Notes To Follow.

Losing someone in an event of Death Is not an easy thing to overcome.  As A Muslim, we must always remain patient and believe in Allah.

If Death occurs at home, do follow this steps:

  • Call for Ambulance/Police
  • Call Muslim Casket and we will send over a Doctor to certify the death.
  • Inform the Police that your Muslim Casket has already been informed and doctor is on his way.
  • Once Doctor is there, he will go thru the procedure and give you a letter to certify the cause of death.
  • Bring the letter to the nearest police post/station to make a death certificate.
  • In the mean time, one of our representative would have reached your place of residence to assist you with the next procedure.

If Death Occurs in Hospital?

  • Consult doctor or nurses if the Jenazah can be released from hospital and collected by family.
  • If no post mortem is needed, do call PKKS Muslim Casket and we will be at the hospital within 1hr.
  • From the mortuary, we will meet up with family members and discuss about time of burial, bathing of jenazah etc.

Singapore Muslim Casket

Muslim Casket Services For Foreigners

We Will Repatriate & Export Coffin And Bodies To Indian, Bangladesh, Indonesia Etc

Ada Kematian? Ahli keluarga kamu meninggal dunia? Jangan bimbang. In Shaa Allah kami boleh membantu.  Kematian di hospital atau di rumah, kami akan menguruskan hingga selamat dikebumikan. Bas jenazah, perkakas untuk memandikan jenazah dan juga lubang kubur akan diuruskan oleh syarikat kami.

Hubungi Kami 24 Jam.

What To Do When Your Loved Ones Pass Away

It is always difficult to lose a love ones.  But as our religion has taught us, we have to be Sabr with the test of Allah S.W.T.

If the death is at home, do not panic. Once the medic from the ambulance has confirmed the death, do call us and we will send you our inhouse Doctor to certify the death.  This will save you the trouble of going thru the hospital and mortuary.


If the death occurs in Hospital, the nurses will advice you to arrange for an undertaker.  Do give us a call, and we will be there A.S.A.P and assist you from there onwards.

We Believe In Service For You To Believe In us.





Muslim Casket. Pengurusan Jenazah Singapura. Urusan Jenazah Di Singapura.


In Singapore, we take care of Muslims death with care.  P.K.K.S Muslims Caskets Urusan Jenazah are very experience and has many years in dealing with Muslim Casket Services in Singapore.


Muslim casket services are an important aspect of Islamic funeral rites in Singapore. These services are provided by various funeral service providers and funeral parlours, which specialize in providing funeral services that meet the requirements of the Islamic tradition.

Funeral service providers in Singapore that offer Muslim casket services also provide a range of other services, including the preparation of the deceased, arranging for burial or cremation, and providing support to the family during their time of bereavement. These services may also include funeral counseling and guidance on the Islamic funeral rites and procedures.

It is important for families to choose a reputable funeral service provider that can cater to their specific needs and preferences. Funeral directors and staff can provide guidance and support to families during their time of bereavement, and ensure that the funeral proceedings are carried out in accordance with Islamic traditions.

Overall, PKKS Casket services play a vital role in ensuring that the Islamic funeral rites are carried out with respect, dignity, and sensitivity. These services provide a way for families to pay tribute to the deceased and to provide comfort to the grieving family members during this difficult time.

PKKS will response to your as soon as we receive it and will assist you and your family in dealing with your love ones.

Muslim Casket

Persatuan Khairat Kematian Singapura (PKKS) is a well-known and respected provider of Muslim casket services in Singapore. The organization has been providing funeral services and support to the Muslim community for many years and is committed to upholding the Islamic traditions and values associated with death and bereavement.

PKKS provides a range of services to meet the needs of families during their time of bereavement.

In addition to providing muslim casket service, PKKS also offers a range of other services, including the preparation of the deceased, arranging for burial, and providing support and counseling to the family members. The organization's funeral directors and staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the Islamic funeral rites and procedures, and can provide guidance and support to families during this difficult time.

PKKS is dedicated to ensuring that the funeral proceedings are carried out with respect, dignity, and sensitivity, and that the needs and preferences of families are met. The organization understands the importance of providing a dignified and respectful farewell to the deceased and strives to deliver funeral services that reflect Islamic values and traditions.

Overall, PKKS is a trusted and reliable provider of Muslim casket services in Singapore. The organization's commitment to upholding the Islamic traditions and values associated with death and bereavement, along with its experience and expertise in providing funeral services, make it an ideal choice for families who are seeking a reputable and reliable funeral service provider.

Important Contact Number:

Ambulance - 995

Police - 999

Office Cemetary -  6793 7428

Exhume Office - 679-555-11

Singapore General Hospital Hotline - 6222 3322

Sengkang General Hospital - 6930 5000

Ng Teng Fong Hospital - 6716 2000

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital - 6555 8000

Mount Alvenia Hospital - 6347 6688

Changi General Hospital - 6788 8833

Tan Tock Seng Hospital - 6256 6011